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Sky Movies is a group of subscription television movie channels in New Zealand operated by Sky. Sky Movies was started in 1990 as one of the original channels on the Sky UHF Service. Sky Movies has progressed from the original channel (now known as Sky Movies Premiere) in 1990 to six separate movie channels screening special interest movies, today. All Sky Movies channels are simulcasted in high definition.

Kar Puschmann, senior entertainment writer and columnist for the New Zealand Herald, gives some thoughts about SKY, operator of Sky movies in an article he wrote back July 2017:

Here are the three things you need to know about Sky TV. The first is that they offer some of the very best television shows, movies and sports that you can watch. No matter what you're into, Sky TV have you covered with first-rate offerings. The second is that despite this trifecta of win they are sliding speedily down the slippery slope of loss. Which, when you stop and think about it, takes a very special sort of special to pull off. The third and final thing to know about Sky TV is that this is entirely down to their own arrogance, hubris, and sheer dumb-assuredness of their recent decision making. The very first thing I'd do as CEO is to apologise to the good people of New Zealand for Sky's management acting like a bunch of total pillocks for the last 30 years. I'd say sorry, guys, for our totally outrageous pricing, our needlessly convoluted and unconsumer friendly "plans", our desire to win through litigiousness rather than by offering a superior product and for our sheer audacity in charging you a premium for channels we've filled with adverts.


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Majid Khan says

"This complaint has been sent to the CEO of Amazon Douglas Gurr with no response. We have had a terrible time with this company. On the 7th September we were promised 3 free films to keep by Aya. My son inadvertently sent back two and when we tried to ask for them to replaced we had to wait for over an hour and then the person at the other end just put the phone down. I am so upset that no one wants to know or knows anything. Henry Hardoon Henry Hardoon BSc, ACA, FCCA, FAIA, CMC, CPFA H & H associates Tel: +44 208 209 0835 Fax: +44 208 209 0835 Mobile: +44 7956 877 605 FCCA Registered Membership No: 1990742; FAIA Membership Number: 63218; ACA Membership Number: 7329787; CMath MIMA 9642, CPFA 3204"

Shane says

"This was a fantastic good value service but Amazon have now decided to pull the plug in the hope that people will now go over to their live streaming that is of inferior quality to Blue Ray and over 5 times the cost to watch the same amount of films as you get for £9.99 with Lovefilm. I have noticed that Amazon has made the service increasingly bad over the last few months as they wind down Lovefilm which is an insult to all its long term customers like me - Very disappointed Amazon."

isabelleshalese says

"The service has really deteriorated. I don't see the point in having a priority list section since you rarely receive a film from that list or have to wait months to receive it. Invariable you will receive a choice from your low priority list of films not on any list at all. Really dissatisfied. I am seriously considering cancelling my agreement."

Claire Allen says

"I recently cancelled my LoveFilmmembership after over ten years as a member. Since cancelling, I have received two emails demanding the return of discs that have already been sent back. I contacted customer services and was told that the discs had been written off and that they were sorry for the confusion. Today I recieved an email threatening me with bet collectors if I didn't return discs sent back over two years ago! No response from cuteromer services as yet."

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